The Youth Restoration Project helps communities, schools and organizations become experts in managing their own conflicts.

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YRP offers three basic kinds of services:

* Training in restorative practices for groups of any size, using the simple process of “circling up” that is at the heart of restoration.

* Consulting and administrative systems design tailored to your organization, school or neighborhood. We can help you develop creative partnerships among your local organizations to support the welfare of our young people.

* Developing communication plans to explain restorative practices and expand their use in schools and other communities.

We tailor our services to the unique needs of each organization we work with.

Typically, YRP starts with a lead team from the community to design an implementation plan. We teach the basic techniques to a selected group who then assists with training for the wider community, thereby developing a cadre of experienced in-house circle leaders responsible for growing Restorative Practices throughout the organization. We help you design systems that will routinely monitor feedback from your community and reinforce fidelity to the restorative model over time.

Restorative Practices are contagious.

When school staff routinely use circle techniques, students feel empowered to take these practices home and teach them to their families and administrators are inspired to handle tensions among their staff more restoratively. We’ve seen the use of circles spread from schools to social-service agencies, most recently to the state Department of Children, Families and Youth. At YRP we’ve been able to demonstrate what can be achieved when all child-serving professionals in a community work with a shared philosophy and sense of purpose.

YRP can help you create a stronger community that handles conflict productively and sustainably.