12 Days of Gratitude

As part of our 12 Days of Gratitude for 2020, we selected 3 small businesses we felt promoted the principles of restorative practices with their products. The businesses featured here reinforce community building and self care, which are 2 of the pillars pf restorative practices.

The Youth Restoration Project’s goal is to empower you with the benefits of restorative practices this holiday season, and beyond. Please join our mailing list to stay informed about our upcoming training so that you can continue your own restorative growth.

Mr. C’s Old Thyme Scents

Do you ever burn candles to relax? That’s one restorative way to practice “Self Care”. This weeks small business focus was on Mr. C’s Old Thymes Scents.

The Black Tea and Culture Shop

In this interview, Trinice talks with Amber Jackson, owner of The Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop, about Community Connections, a pillar of Restorative Practices.

The Glow Cafe & Juice Bar

Meet Pee Edwards, owner of The Glow Cafe & Juice Bar and Assistant Coach for the Providence College Women’s Basketball. As a coach she knows a little something about building relationships and healing harm in a restorative way. She also knows about making a good smoothie!

3 minute version

Full Interview

Worksheets with Restorative Activities

During this time of Covid it’s easy to look only at hardships and struggles. Take a moment to celebrate the strengths that you and your family possess by doing a restorative activity together!

These worksheets can be used in a virtual circle or at a family dinner. You don’t have to print them out, but we find sticking them on the refrigerator is a good reminder to use them.