Blog: The Care and Feeding of Human Connection

The point of these writings will be to give guided tours of the landscape of Restorative Justice Practices (RJP). It’s vast. Not unlike our biological ecosystem. Restoration cultivates an interpersonal ecosystem that includes cultural traditions, human habits, relationships of all kinds, rules and norms governing behavior, and so on. No one could cover it all, and it is constantly evolving. We’ll visit specific situations where the approach is being used, and we’ll occasionally note where RJP is abused. At other times, we’ll climb up a tall hill where we can see broad issues affecting the field as a whole.

We’re hoping to reach a wide variety of people, from the merely curious to veteran practitioners. In super-brief, Restorative Justice is about healing those involved in wrong-doing, especially the victims, instead of relying on punishing the wrong-doer, as if punishment itself resolves conflict. Restorative Practices are the umbrella that includes the Justice protocols, but uses its principles to deal with issues beyond crime and misbehavior, in order to build relationships and maintain our communities. If this is new territory to you, the RJP 101 on our website or our Curated Library will get you started.


The Fig Tree

My mother had a beautiful fig tree in the backyard. When it began to wither, she tried pesticides and cutting back the branches. Nothing helped, and her fig tree was dying. Finally, she brought in a tree specialist. They said that a virus had settled in the tree, and to keep the tree alive would just add to its suffering.

Lehidy Frias returns to the Youth Restoration Project

Great News! Lehidy Frias is returning to train and co-facilitate for the Youth Restoration Project. They originally trained as a Restorative Justice Conference facilitator

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Trinice Holden named to 2020-2021 Class of Women’s Policy Institute

Trinice Holden, Executive Director for the Youth Restoration Project, has been named to the 2020-2021 Class of Women’s Policy Institute Fellows, a program of the Women’s Fund

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What do we want a justice system to accomplish?

The modern judicial system and restorative justice (RJ) both aim to support public peace and safety. But their methods have radically different outcomes. For

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The police should not be handling school discipline.

Tay Anderson was a student and is now a graduate of the Denver Public Schools. He knows firsthand what it is to be a

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Getting to the root of bullying.

The research is clear; kicked-out kids get worse.

Podcasts with different perspectives on how to help.

True to our belief in the principles of restorative practices, these podcasts offer diverse perspectives on life during these times.

Voyaging in the land of Restorative Justice Practices

The Restorative mindset respects the scale of our interpersonal landscape.     “Respect” literally means “to look again,” to reconsider what you have taken for granted. 

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Juvenile Justice and Restorative Conferencing

On The Law Matters with Municipal Judge David Bazar and Deb Morais, Julia discusses YRP’s Restorative Conferencing program in Rhode Island schools, and how

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Drugs, Drop-outs and Restorative Justice Conferencing

The lovely Roxanna, as we’ll call her, sighed heavily as she joined a circle that included a school administrator, two conference facilitators and her

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