Resources on Restorative Justice / Restorative Practices

RJP 101 – An Introductory Course for Newcomers

A good starting-point for getting in touch with the Restorative movement – a selection of 4 videos, 3 articles and 2 recommended books.

A Curated Library of Useful Materials

Other interesting books and essays, videos and data graphics, in several topic categories.

Free Training Materials

Samples of material we use in our training.  These are freely distributable, but please retain our logo and contact information on any copies you make.

Free Implementation Materials

A brief overview of the process of implementing Restorative Practices in schools, with some useful tools and sample communications.

And for more readings, videos etc. —

These sections are being updated and reorganized, but you can find interesting material here on these topics:

Restorative Practices in Schools

Restorative Justice

Why Punishment Doesn’t Work

Restorative Resource Databases