Resources:  Training Material

This is a collection of generic handouts used in some of YRP’s basic training sessions.  Because we do training with so many different kinds of groups, from social service administrators to parents of schoolchildren, we generally customize our materials and presentation for each group.  If you use or adapt these materials, please credit YRP as the source.

Restorative Questions – these five questions provide a foundation for handling a wide range of problems, from minor discipline issues in schools to Restorative Justice conferences.

Circle Rules and Skills – a handout on the basic hows and whys of “circle technology”.

Ways to Use Circles – illustrating the variety of purposes and situations in which circles are useful.

I-Statements – a brief lesson in using restorative language, with examples.

Spanish translations

Las Preguntas Restoratives

Las Reglas y Habilidades de Círculos

Las Funciones de los Círculos

Las Declaraciones de Yo