Resources: Restorative Justice in the United States

A map of restorative justice laws across the US in 2015.


Breaking Free of the Prison Paradigm: Integrating Restorative Justice Techniques Into Chicago’s Juvenile Justice System – from The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology.
* The Vermont juvenile justice system operates on a restorative model.
* The Navajo Nation is using a restorative justice system on tribal lands in the US.
* After police violence in Seattle, a restorative circle was used to begin to rebuild trust between police and the Native community.
* The US has been using a restorative approach for decades to address historical wrongs against large groups through reparations, including as a response to Japanese internment during World War II.
* In a similar vein, Fania Davis argues that the US need a truth and reconciliation committee to address racial injustice and lynchings.
* How does justice in cases of gender-based violence differ in pre- and post-contact Hawai’i and across the country?


Veterans For Peace want restorative justice and explain why in this video.
* A family in Texas chooses to meet with their loved one’s murderer in this four section video, Meeting with a Killer:   (Part 1) — (Part 2) — (Part 3) — (Part 4)