Restorative Practices in U.S. Schools

Restorative approaches are being used by public, private, and charter schools across the United States to improve their social and behavioral health and address disproportionality in punishment. See this literature review for the results.

New York City is exploring alternatives to overpolicing in schools, and schools districts from Oakland to West Philadelphia and from East Baltimore to Newark, NJ have restorative discipline systems. Watch the students and staff of West Philadelphia High School describe their experiences with restoration for themselves. Washington state recently passed legislation promoting restorative practices in schools.

Here in Rhode Island, YRP works with Calcutt Middle School in Central Falls to end ineffective punitive discipline methods and create a system that works.

The Illinois legislature ended zero tolerance policies with bipartisan support and is replacing them with a restorative approach.

Restorative practices are also beginning to be used on college campuses.