Restorative Training in Rhode Island

YRP Training Programs and Presentations by Year

Updated 4/26/2018


* 3 or 5-session Training for Basic Tools Certificate or Certificate of Initial Mastery in Restorative Practices:

The next series begins late June 2018 – CLICK HERE  for more information.

* We also provide Basic Tools Certificate training on-site for schools and organizations.

Our Initial Mastery Certificate Training is now being offered by the East Bay Educational Collaborative, starting on July 11th – CLICK HERE  for information.


* Fall 2017 Certificate Training in Restorative Practices at The Sargent Center
*  Second Annual Restorative Practices Symposium on May 18, 2017 – CLICK HERE for Symposium presentations and materials.
* Summer 2017 Certificate Training in Restorative Practices at The Sargent Center
* Winter 2017 Certificate Training in Restorative Practices at The Sargent Center
* Fall 2016 Certificate Training in Restorative Practices at The Sargent Center


*  First Annual Restorative Practices Symposium.
On-going staff training for 7 full-time Restorative Professionals.
*  United Way Education Summit (1.5-hour workshop).
*  Presentation to legislators interested in creating an RJ commission.
*  Central Falls — 4 full 9-hour Intensive Basic Practices trainings.
*  Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex —  RP introduction for faculty and leadership training for students.
*  Nowell Academy (2-hour presentation/training).
*  Central Falls Parent College — Spanish-language curriculum.


*  Central Falls Summer Institute — training in RP and conferencing for upper management, teachers and parents.
*  Central Falls — 5 full 9-hour Intensive Basic Practices trainings.
*  Central Falls, Westerly Middle and High schools, Greene and Blackstone Valley Prep Charters — conference facilitation and professional teacher development training.
*  Skidmore College — presentation at a conference at the Restorative Justice Center.
*  The Greene School — student training (3 sessions).
*  Great Expectations Conference (2-hour workshop).


* A-Venture Academy, Providence  (3-part series).
* RI Department of Children, Youth and Families Admin Team  (3-part series).
* RI DCYF Wellness Team  (3-part series).
* RI DCYF Peer Support Team  (3-part series).
* Providence After School Alliance  (refresher training).
* The Greene Charter School  (2-part series with administration and faculty).
* The Village Green Virtual Charter School (2-part, refresher and new teachers).
* Central Falls District Teaching Assistants.


* Family Service of RI Restorative Specialists, relief and residential staff.
* The Village Green Virtual Charter School.
* Central Falls SCOPE summer-school institute.
* Central Falls parents group.
* Providence After School Alliance  (refresher training).


* Westerly High School faculty, administration and support staff  (3 sessions).
* RI Nurses Institute Charter High School  (refresher training).
* Providence After School Alliance  (refresher training).
* Central Falls “Agents of Transformation” parent group  (5 sessions).
* Central Falls SCOPE summer-school institute.


* Family Service of RI Restorative Specialists.
* Paul Cuffee Charter High School.
* RI DCYF Child Welfare Institution social workers.
* Mary Fogarty School  (2 sessions).
* FSRI training for local education leadership.
* RI Nurses Institute Charter High School.
* Central Falls SCOPE summer-school institute.
* Institute for the Student and Practice of Nonviolence streetworkers.


* Central Falls District special education, middle and high school teachers.