Training Material on Restorative Practices / Restorative Justice

We’re making some of our basic training materials available here for your use, including a “starter” slide stack.  Please retain our logo and contact information on these materials.

Like any skill, Restorative Practices take time to develop.  They’re about how we behave with one another, so understanding them intellectually isn’t enough.  They need to be leaned with hands and hearts, to be integrated into our everyday life and work as we help others learn to use them with us.

YRP provides more comprehensive training materials in our semi-annual training series leading to a Certificate of Initial Mastery in Restorative Practices (5 sessions), or a Basic Restorative Tools Certificate (3 sessions).  Here are links to our upcoming training schedule, a description of the training process and registration information.

These materials were developed with the assistance of a Safety in Schools grant from the National Institute of Justice.