“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead

Feedback from our newly certified 2020 Summer Training participants:

“This was a therapeutic journey of self-discovery that enforces certain reconciliations that are able to move forward and be a better person, partner, parent, and educator.”
— Sarah Grosso


“At a time in our collective history when it feels as though retribution prevails, I feel renewed as a result of this deep work on restorative practices with YRP. I commit to actively using these tools to create change in my school and community.”
— Amanda 


“This was powerful. I walk away with a better understanding of self and others in reference to triggers, shame & how to to address them. There are tools that I have developed for internal meditation as well.”  — Katherine Lee 


“Very wonderful and interactive sessions on RJ tools, community building, trauma and triggers and their applications in our settings. Well articulated and wonderful facilitation. Thank you.” Balmukunda Humagain 


“I am now the proud bearer of a Certificate of Initial Mastery of Restorative Practices. I feel strengthened and empowered by tools to embrace our restart approach to my work. At the same time, it feels like the hard work is beginning. Grateful!”


“I appreciate the co-facilitators maintaining the structure and rhythm of the circle, despite being in a virtual space. The training was focused, informative and relevant to my work and, moreover, the life I want to live. Thank you all”



“I feel better prepared because of this training but as a new practitioner I will thread carefully as I have conversations with my students and those I come in contact with to help them as implement these restorative practices this year.”
  — Bob

Here’s what participants from past years have to say about their experience using Restorative Justice…


“Pine Manor College sent a dozen community members from across our campus to the Youth Restorative Project’s restorative justice certification. From the welcome session through each “booster,” Julia, Victor and their team taught and demonstrated restorative work, empowering us to think critically about the importance of RJ, while also breaking the tools and concepts down to very doable action items. The results (even in a short time) have been transformational – building and maintaining community and restoring harm.
Thank you to the YRP team for launching our commitment to become a restorative institution. “

Staci Weber, Dean of Student Affairs at Pine Manor College

#meaningful interactions

“We continue to use our Restorative practices, and they have been very valuable. Each day I see that my interactions with the students are more meaningful, and I know that I have more tools in my toolbox to work with. As I practice, I realize that it may take longer, but it always worth it in the long run! Thank you!”

Susan Bennett, Ricci Middle School, North Providence :

#stronger relationships

It’s no secret that today’s teens are experiencing social-emotional stressors beyond any previous generation. What’s not always discussed is that teachers are the first responders to a generation overwhelmed by modern life. Over the past 18 months, nearly half of the Hope faculty have earned a certificate in the tools and practices of Restorative Justice offered by the Youth Restoration Project. The skills and knowledge acquired at the training have helped our teachers build stronger personal relationships with their students and create stronger classroom communities. As a result, our school community is more supportive and suspensions continue to decline. Everyone benefits from this training. Take it!

John Hunt, Principal, Hope High School


 “I use the skills I learned from Restorative Practices both in my personal life and in my profession as a Teaching Assistant. I have a greater understanding of active listening, being more observant of physical cues and the importance of restorative circles. In my personal life utilizing circles opened up lines of communication and helped my granddaughters and I to resolve and come to agreement on several issues. Professionally, I feel more in touch with the continuum and how to respond to each stage of the cycle.”

Central Falls staff member Kathleen Kiley

#game changer

Dr. Jenny Chan-Remka, Deputy Superintendent in Woonsocket, says of the 13 local educators who took the training last winter, “They got so much out of it!  They practice the skills and they get results. Their kids are willing to deal with conflicts in a peaceful way.  This Restorative Practices training is a game-changer.”


From Tammy Koller, Assistant Principal, Smithfield High School:  “I wish, I wish, I wish I’d had this training years ago.  It would have made such a difference in my teaching practice as well as in my parenting.  I used this with my young adult children and got such amazing results, and I know it will totally benefit my students.  I can’t change what I’ve done in my past educational practices, but moving forward my perspective is totally different thanks to this amazing program.  Thank you Julia and Victor!”